About the Project

Whio Portraits07Genesis Energy and the Department of Conservation have partnered together to secure the future of one our most endangered native birds, the Whio.

The Genesis Energy Whio Recovery Programme partnership will fund a five-year management programme for Whio. It will enable the implementation of a national recovery plan that will double the number of fully operational secure Whio breeding sites throughout the country, and boost pest control efforts.

The Genesis Energy and the Department of Conservation Partnership


Secure Whio in the wild by growing the population and ensuring New Zealanders understand and value Whio in our river systems.

Whio Portraits08Outcomes

  • Grow the population of the Whio so that it is no longer classified as under threat.
  • Whio are fully protected at eight security sites and recovering nationally.
  • Community groups are participating in Whio and river protection projects throughout the country.
  • New Zealanders understand that when the Whio inhabit a river it indicates that the river ¬†system is healthy.


  • Fast track and fully implement the Whio Recovery Plan.
  • Enhance existing Whio protection projects.
  • Encourage increased involvement in projects by others.
  • Increase and improve knowledge by research and adaptive management.
  • Develop an advocacy and education programme at the national and regional scale about the plight of Whio.
  • Make New Zealanders aware of the Whio.
  • Whio Recovery Plan CoverEncourage all New Zealanders to support the recovery of the Whio.
  • Encourage New Zealanders to recognise the Whio as a symbol of healthy river systems.


  • Integrated and ground-breaking predator control.
  • Cohesive community projects.
  • Innovative and wide-reaching advocacy and education.
  • Focused research and development,
    WHIONE (Whio Nest Egg programme) utilised nationally.

To find out more view the complete Whio Recovery Plan 2009 Р2019